About me

     Where should I start? I’m Joanna and my middle name is Rose!

I originally started out studying Law at University, but as nice as the paycheck from a law career would have been, my love for all things arty meant I needed a creative career in order to be truly happy. So I followed my heart (ignored my dad’s sensible advice) and embarked on my photographic love affair. I went and gained an NCTJ qualification in photojournalism and was given the opportunity to work for the national press in Liverpool.

I moved, from Sheffield, without knowing anyone, and worked my little bum off, gained as much experience as possible, photographed some amazing events, met some remarkable people and left with my head held high to start up a new venture working for myself.  I am now surrounded with the best bunch of friends a born and bred Derby girl could ever find, I have a hunky partner, and I am super stoked to call Liverpool my home – it really is an amazing city.

My style

I specialise in all photography that is family related, from newborn babies to toddlers, pets to families and weddings to fun events.

I love taking photographs because I love being able to freeze a particular moment that can never be re-lived, and give people the opportunity to look at it and be taken right back to the memory of when the photograph was taken for years to come; the smiles, the event, the people they were with, why they fell in love, how small and cute their pup used to be etc etc! – it’s such an emotional thing but the sentiment behind photographs is what can make them so beautiful and I just love being a part of that.

My loves

Aside from taking pictures, I love laughing, smelling flowers, being outdoors, colourful hair, dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, exploring new places, being adventurous, sunny days, jumping in puddles, being in love, seeing other people in love, buying new pens (I own too many pens!), skiing, swimming to chirpy music, painting, dancing, fancy dress parties, reminiscing – and most of all I love to appreciate life and all the amazing things it has to offer. I can’t wait for all the exciting adventures for the future!

Oh wait – I forgot one… I really love penguins!!

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