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  • Moving to Liverpool is one of the best decisions I ever made. This place never fails to inspire me and the people here are some of the friendliest I've ever met. 4 and a half years on and I still feel so lucky to call it my home 💗
  • I have one space left for a Christmas pet session this Sunday afternoon! £50 for one dog, £10 for each additional dog, includes 5 digital images 💗🎅🏼 Message me if you'd like it, or if you'd like to ask about the other available dates!
  • Tooo cute 😍
  • Drop me a message if you'd like more details on our Christmas card mini sessions! Perfect for pets, kids and families 💃🏼🎅🏼🎄
  • This photo reminds me of the days I spent underage drinking on the park, swigging dads wine out the bottle that I'd nabbed off his wine shelf because he had another bottle the same and wouldn't notice it was gone 🙈 (til I spewed red wine over my bed in the night) 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • This kid and his cute smile ☺️
  • The only good thing about rain on a wedding day is the puddles ☺️
  • Had a wedding stand at @sirenliverpool this evening, one of my fave wedding venues ran by the loveliest ladies! Definitely an underrated wedding venue to check out 😍