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  • The AMAZING @seanwebsters made me this for my birthday present!! It's me riding an elephant, with a penguin and Winnie (my dog!). All my fave animals together 😍😍I love it, up there with one of the best prezzies I've ever had! His work is on display in my studio and he takes commissions for weddings and families as well as doing illustrations for children's books so check him out, he's fab and he's only 14!!!!!!!! FOURTEEN 😱!!! Thanks so much Sean, can't wait to see all the incredible things you'll achieve in your career with this level of talent at your age 💙
  • Puppy photo shoots are the absolute best 😍😍😍
  • Sefton park will always be one of my favourite places to take photos 💗
  • Little cutie 💕
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  • It's Father's Day weekend!! So to celebrate, if you'd like to book a session today or tomorrow, you'll receive 20% off <3
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